Squid 3.4.10 RPMs release

I am happy to release the new RPMs of squid 3.4.10 and beta for Centos 6.6 64bit and 32bit .

The new release includes couple bug fixes and improvements.
The links to the RPMs are at the bottom of the article.

What if a human would act as a proxy server?”

One of the hardest jobs on the planet earth would be a “proxy” that needs to connect between a requester and the right response. The proxy would need first to identify the request and understand it properly and then needs to decide what to lookup in the database for a corresponding response.
It’s a very messy job since the source IP and all the request characteristics should be answered. In many cases the request will not give enough information about the wanted response and the user will need to request another time for the requested data. I would assume that it would require some buildings to be populated with lots of “proxies” to fulfill all humans web requests. But the reality is not that far from this fantasy.
If you would look at the world you would see that lots of humans just act as a simple proxy between someone to somebody else or something else. A nice example would be when you go to a wood store to buy some woods for a fire. If this would be your first time you would not know the prices and wood kinds while the wood-shop guy would know more then you. He then acts as a proxy between your mind and his to understand the different kinds of wood that can fulfill your needs while giving you the prices.
And while writing I am thinking about it again, and one of the hardest jobs there are in the market is the “Match Maker”. Just to illustrate that a human would have been a proxy and a “Match Maker”. Actually a “Match Maker” job would be to take two different minds and put them together while understanding them both enough to make them both happy about the meetings.
So how would a “Match Maker” would act if he was a proxy? He would need to fetch or get from the clients information about their wishes and analyze their requests to find a matching pair. From the requester side he needs something, a companion.
But from the “Match Maker” point of view there is a need to actually find a match which would stick for a very long time and that would not cause harm while building love and harmony. I am not a “Match Maker” but I do believe that a simple piece of software can help the human which actually needs help from others to do other tasks which a proxy cannot do good enough.

* Any notes and comments are wanted and welcome!

For this release I am attaching a video link about DDos and the vulnerabilities of the Linux kernel:

– DDoS protection using Netfilter iptables from Jesper Dangaard Brouer

Or a local mirror and presentation file at:

Jesper Dangaard Brouer – DDoS protection using Netfilter iptables


This release repository is at:

This release files are:

The beta repository was move to:

The beta release files are:

To Each and everyone of them there is an *asc* file which contains  MD5 SHA1 SHA2 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 TIGER hashes.

All The Bests,
Eliezer Croitoru