Squid 3.5.7 RPMs release

I am happy to release the new RPMs of squid 3.5.7 for Centos 6.6 64bit, 32bit and CentOS 7 64bit.

The new release includes couple bug fixes and improvements.
The details about the the RPMs repository are at squid-wiki.

Tradeoffs and poop

When building a big computerized system there is a place for tradeoffs. When you pass the couple MB of disk space the information becomes sensitive and sometimes if the size is over GB it becomes even moreĀ sensitive. This is where some tradeoffs are standing.
To get the head of it we assume that a human written information is valuable enough to invest couple bucks to preserve it. The information can be notes, books, photos or other things such as videos. And as the saying states “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is the same for stored data.
One MB can contain a lot of human readable information. And since computers are a mechanical device they tend to break one day. So in the case of 1MB, these days there are cheap ways to backup information, but when we are talking about 1GB and up it can become a big loss for one user. For a company which the data is their employes pay-check sometimes there is a need to think about the losses a bit deeper. So the basic tradeoffs in IT is integrity and availability when in many cases speed is beating these.
So what do we choose? HA or speed?
Since integrity is a must in businesses it is the first step before or with HA. In many cases somebody states: “We want speed!”.
And the answer is that it is impossible these days to max the computing systems for both Integrity, Availability and Speed! There is always a need to choose in this tradeoff and to prefer one or another.
When you choose one preference the others gets lower priority and effects the system design.
Couple MBs are really not a big deal but these days the data sizes are pretty big and this is the reality, it can be either slower or faster.

  • The above is based on lots of tests with lots of DB systems for a url filtering solution DB back-end.

This time I would recommend the next video “Learn about riak!” which can give us a little bit more about the tradeoffs in hands.

Learn about Riak! - Matthew
School is in session, Matthew “Roder” Heitzenroder of Basho is here to talk about Riak. Ever wonder how they do map/reduce or why Dynamo is cool? Don’t even know what Riak is yet?

Or a local mirror at:
Learn about riak! – Matthew “Roder” Heitzenroder of Basho

More details about the repository at squid-wiki.

To Each and every one of the RPM files in the repository there is an *asc* file which containsĀ  MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, TIGER hashes.

All The Bests,
Eliezer Croitoru