Squid 3.5.2 RPMs release

I am happy to release the new RPMs of squid 3.5.2 for Centos 6.6 64bit, 32bit and CentOS 7 64bit.

The new release includes couple bug fixes and improvements.
The links to the RPMs are at the bottom of the article.

“What if computers would start to think?”

I have been asked couple times in the past about the “livelihood” of the PC.
Sometimes there is the possibility that the computer has some intelligence and life in it due to it’s nature to do things for humans. Many computers users claims that there is some “geany” inside this machine which sits in some room in the house. Sometimes it is even makes “sense” to the naked eye and mind.
If for example a human will try to understand what is causing some issues with the text editor or with the cable, he will eventually find out that there are things which he might not be able to understand with the naked eye and in most of these cases the help from others is required and recommended.
One case I do remember was that somebody asked me about the cause of some issue in run-time.
While I wanted to answer him I told him that I have couple ideas about what causing these issues which he is having, but there is no way in the world for me to know what is the real cause due to that fact that I have missing parts in the picture. And also if I had the whole “picture” there is a real possibility which I would not be able to analyze all the details which are needed to conclude what is the cause for the annoying issues.
How is it related to a Thinking Machine??
Some people out there in the world may think that the computer is a marvels machine and do think that if it will have the function to “think” by itself and do things for humans it will bring good things.
The reality proves that the computer is a creation of a human and if the humans are trying to do good this machine will be a tool for good while if the human will try to do bad this machine will do bad.
It’s the same about Artificial Intelligence which might be implemented in computers.
If indeed the programmer or operator do things for bad, this might be the result.
I do not want to speculate how the world would look like in the age of AI but there are some AI levels in the world, even if they are so limited that these AI’s can crash in run-time very easily.
In some relation to the last RPM release which I was writing about a “Match Maker”, AI’s are kind of a hot topic in this world. Many in this world try to help others to find their “Missing Rib” or “The other part of their “soul mate”.
While computers can help to find in a way their missing piece they still lack one thing: soul.
In any relationship what so ever, an employer and employ or friends from high school, they have something between them that might cannot be even understood for themselves.
If a human is behind the creation of a computer then it is possible that some of his soul is attached into this piece of software he writes, and it can be seen in the way the software is written.
So indeed there are some “small people” running inside the computer and we do hope that if at all AI’s will be in use, they will help people and will help them with their daily routines while making the world a better place for everybody.

For this release I am attaching a video link related to AI:
“The Evolution of Thinking Machines” with Danny Hillis

Or a local mirror at:
The Evolution of Thinking Machines

This repository is at:

This release files are:



To Each and everyone of them there is an *asc* file which contains  MD5 SHA1 SHA2 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 TIGER hashes.

All The Bests,
Eliezer Croitoru