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DellWorld’15: What is a Firewall Sandwich (FWS)?

PPTX: 120 G+ DPI and beyond Aravind Thangavelu Executive Director, Software Engineering

What is a Firewall Sandwich (FWS)?

“A scale-out, highly resilient Layer 2 and 3 architecture providing transparent  and or NATed/Routed security services to enhance existing security solutions”

  • DOES:
  • Can replace traditional HA firewall architectures
  • Work with Dell Networking S4810, S5000, S6000 and Dell Network Security SuperMassive 9×00 and 10XXX series products
  • Can Provide Layer 3 services at the firewall
  • Scale to 320 Gbps of DPI (IPS+ App Intelligence) , 2.56 Million SSL-DPI sessions and 40m TCP connections
  • Provide N+1 redundancy (vs. 1+1) without reliance on complex HA or clustering protocols
  • Support 1, 10 or 40GE ingress/egress connections (today) and performance